DISCIPLESHIP I: Father Greg conducts class down in Fellowship Hall from 9:10 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Greg has been teaching from Paul’s letter to the Colossians on what it means to have faith, hope, and love, and by extension, what it means to be a Christian. Don’t miss out on this wonderful teaching!

EPISCOPAL FEEDING MINISTRY:  Several volunteers from the former Episcopal Food Pantry, and other interested persons, continue to prepare and serve meals periodically to the Helping Hands homeless shelter, Contact Ministries, Compass (after school program for at risk children), and the St. Luke’s Feed the Children group.  Volunteers come from all three of Springfield’s Episcopal churches: Christ Church, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, and St. Luke’s.

All expenses are paid from donations, and many thanks to those who have given in the past and are currently giving.  Last year’s expenditures were approximately $4000, not including the cost of food bought by volunteers who did not seek reimbursement.  Donations are always welcome, and are a deductible item if you itemize deductions on your 1040 income tax form.  Checks made out to the Episcopal Feeding Ministry may be sent to the group’s treasurer, Bill Crompton, at 2409 Hazlett Ln, Springfield, 62707.   Thank you.